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G is for Ground.

I’ll sue you. I’ll stab you. I’ll come back with a gun and kill all of you. You’re a shitty doctor. You’re an ugly nurse. You’re an idiot. Goof. I want a second opinion. I want to kill myself.

Dying person, dead person. Sick person. Lying person. Faking. Manipulative. Poisoned. Raped. Dead. Screaming. Crying. Writhing in pain. Hopeless. Afraid. Confused. Alone.

Wow, must be stressful, people say.

You get used to it, we answer.

Ground floor, downtown, ground down. Suffering can be contagious, and no matter the job you do, it just keeps coming back.

the stuff of life.

pouring through us, and over us, then, for a moment, we’re flowing with it, then we’re lost.

A Field Guide to Paying Attention.

A Field Guide to Paying Attention “The power to concentrate was the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.” ― Haruki Murakami           Evidence suggests our minds wander from the scene in front of us, into waking dreams about half the time.  It’s [...]

2016 was everything.

lots to say about this bouncing baby year, but you know, even more to do. sincere wishes of love, but an even truer commitment to show you what i mean. i think that’s the biggest change for me, and while the movement towards it may have been incremental, even unseen, it feels irrevocable for the [...]

How to Bow.

The world we’ve built for ourselves is nearly as fast as our mind. If we’re not careful, between the two, it can seem that so much is happening in each, we’ll never catch our breath. We become overwhelmed, frenetic, hurried along. The space between stimulus and response disappears, and with it, room for us to choose the life we want.

We can claim it. That’s what this month is about. Slowing down, making ritual from habit. We’ll do it sitting and surrendering. We’ll do it by noticing the subtle tug of a stimulus, the twitch of our response, the almost infinitesimal space between the two. Perhaps, we’ll even watch that space grow, get a glimmer that if we pay attention, there is in fact great space, and we’ve been living in it this whole time. Then, to the freedom it holds, to ourselves and to others, we will learn how to bow.

happy new day.

2015 sounds like the beginning by James Maskalyk on Mixcloud i’ll keep this short, as it has been a long night in the ER. how many vodka sodas can a teenager drink on new year’s? i don’t have an exact answer, but not as many as he thinks he can. the hospital is a living [...]

When life is in your hands

  (this piece originally appeared in PenguinRandomhouse’s Hazlitt magazine.) I knew what had happened, though I wasn’t there. She was tossed from her motorcycle, turned in the air and fell, her helmeted head bearing her body’s weight. The landing snapped her neck at its weakest point. When I saw her in the trauma room, her eyes roved, trying [...]

How to help others (without hurting yourself)

(whistler wanderlust transcript) There’s something about having mountains to you on all sides, a presence their enormity affords.  You sense that they’ve been here long before you, will be long after, and in that knowing, your troubles seem laughably small.  But it’s not just that. As immutable as they appear, they change, erode, splinter into [...]

Free your mind.

Original article here. How to make UpToDate out of date.  Putting Wikipedia articles through a medical journal’s traditional process can put free, reliable information into as many hands as possible. James Maskalyk, MD, is an associate editor at Open Medicine, an emergency physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, and an assistant professor in the Department [...]

here goes everything.

  we’ve launched high into the clean, blue air.  below, clouds circle.  i read, that for some, it can take years to fall, that they don’t drop out of the air, splash onto the ground, just like that. speaking of falling out of the air just like that, i would like to get the customary [...]