trump slump.

by dr j

need to go. that’s it. so, as we should have done all along, we organize, just better, facilitate healing where there is pain, in ourselves and between each other like it was our main job, because it always has been.

it’s a deeply hopeful time. we have been given a great gift, and those who only lament this morning don’t know how intelligent, committed, aware and loving the Americans I know are. my sense is that, for the first time, they are all going to dig in. hard. I bet that over the next four years, more if necessary, they will show the world, and all those who suffer unjust and cruel leaders, what true revolution looks like, what true healing is.

we’re with you. promise. your challenges are ours too, are beyond borders, always have been, and we’re sorry for those of us who infer by pretending we’ve solved the ones you’ve highlighted, that we’ve been able to rest from them. we haven’t; we’ve only succeeded in hiding them better.

no more. we’ll join you about being honest, embracing who we truly are with love and courage, even the parts we wish weren’t there, and see that the rift in the USA is the same as the one in ourselves, the separation from our fellow wo/man and their great struggle to thrive and be happy, from the wounded, struggling earth, from our true gentle nature, clouded by fear.

so, no, I don’t think the next years are going to be the worst. I think they’re going to be the fucking best. it’s like someone you love telling you again and again about a problem you have, but because you aren’t fully honest about your complicity, you don’t recognize your true power to transform it, but on the day you do, like a bolt from the sky, illusion falls away, and in its place: the ground from which real change emerges, but is never delivered.

so we good. the work has always been there, but never this clear. you Americans don’t need to flee here to canada; we’ll come there, in great numbers if necessary, and once we solve your shit, THEN you come here, and help us work on ours.

I mean, what’s the worst case scenario? we become soldiers of fortune, living on jerky, traveling by night, and performing random acts of mass kindness and bitching halloween parties in places that need them most? it will be like the last four years, just…more.  we’ll be spending more time doing what we do best, living our values, just harder, betting it all on love, just more often, and giving our own healing the attention it needs so we know the direction.

it is difficult on the eve of such great work to say “congratulations”, because some of it will be grim, and started amidst a profound sadness that has always been there, just below the surface, about the deep pain we hold so close from generations of trauma, that we haven’t let ourselves fully feel. beyond it, though, that brand new place we’ve always imagined but none of us has yet to see. donald trump will make America great again, but not in the way he imagines.

glad we get to do this together. I can think of no better group of people to stand in the breach of the many hurt places we now see, and bring them together. so let’s do that, and then party about it. hard. see you there.